About Us

Why Did We Start With Bitcoin and Why We Love It

The team here at Bitcoin Mastery is comprised of some of the brightest technical and financial minds that the world has ever seen. However, just like Rome, Bitcoin Mastery wasn't built in a day.

Bitcoin Mastery started out as an idea from a single Bitcoin investor. This investor noticed that Bitcoin was almost being safeguarded by an elitist group of investors. These investors actively discouraged new traders from getting involved with the coin, and that was wrong

It was especially heinous given that Bitcoin is going to play such a major part in the future of so many people's lives. Therefore, our founder decided that they needed to come up with a way to allow beginner traders to get their foot in the Bitcoin door in a safe and secure environment. That's when Bitcoin Mastery came into the picture.

Putting Together the Bitcoin Mastery Team

Once our investor had settled on the idea of Bitcoin Mastery, he began to put a team of developers and experts together. There were rounds of both private and public recruitment, and before long, there were lines of candidates looking to get on board with the project.

After several rounds of interviews, screenings, and tests, a team was decided upon, and everyone was brought on board. That's when work began on Bitcoin Mastery.

It didn't take long for the team to get a working prototype of the platform up and running. All of these developers were experts in their craft, so the technology that they were creating every single day was cutting edge.

Eventually, they got to the stage where there was an Alpha version of Bitcoin Mastery ready for testing.

Testing Bitcoin Mastery

Bitcoin Mastery was given out to a controlled group of individuals to test the platform. They tested the performance of the servers, the functionality of the platform, as well as general things like bug hunting and tweaking the UI.

All of the preliminary verdicts came back as extremely positive, which only motivated the team to work even harder. It wasn't long after that when there was a BETA version ready for testing.

Again, the results were astounding. The platform was outperforming even what the most optimistic members of the Bitcoin Mastery were predicting. The team only had to put the finishing touches on Bitcoin Mastery before it was ready for the public.

Releasing Bitcoin Mastery

That brings us to this point. Bitcoin Mastery has already been released, giving new beginner traders an opportunity to start their Bitcoin journey in an environment far more secure than those already out there.

If you haven't joined the Bitcoin Mastery community, you should do so now. It only takes a few minutes to set up your account, so we can have you up and trading within the hour.