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Bitcoin Mastery – Your First Step to Bitcoin Independence

Economics is a beating heart. It is constantly pulsing, pushing currencies around the globe like blood. Every so often, that beating heart has an attack and needs a remedy in response. That's what Bitcoin is all about, and what Bitcoin Mastery is all about fixing. The global economy is on the brink of collapse. The beating heart that is economics is failing. Currencies are being devalued, Wall Street is in chaos, and every passing day presents another issue for the financial leaders of the world.

Bitcoin is the solution to all of these troubles, and it seems that those financial leaders agree. Going into 2021, we're going to see countries around the globe adopt Bitcoin into mainstream life. Whether it's governments, corporations, or banks, we're going to see Bitcoin become a part of the everyman's every day. You're going to be able to store Bitcoin in your bank, use it as your currency of choice, and potentially even be able to buy your groceries with it.

When that happens, Bitcoin's value is going to skyrocket, and you want to have your money invested before that happens. Bitcoin Mastery enables you to do just that.

Bitcoin Mastery is the Best Bitcoin Trading Experience

If you've ever tried to trade Bitcoin on the mainstream crypto brokers, then you know just how much of a headache that can be. If you haven't, then consider yourself lucky. Those platforms are full of complicated tools, terminology, and layouts that a beginner trader would stand no chance of actually being able to use.

At Bitcoin Mastery, we take all of that complication out of trading Bitcoin. By trading with us, you're giving yourself the best possible chance you could have at starting out your investment journey successfully. Bitcoin Mastery was designed by a team of expert programmers with the backing of some of the world's leading Bitcoin minds. That expertise combined with a focus on beginner investing is what makes Bitcoin Mastery such a powerful tool that you have at your disposal.

Why We Chose Bitcoin

Bitcoin isn't the only cryptocurrency out there. There are plenty of others that we could have dedicated our time and platform to, so why Bitcoin? Well, Bitcoin is ‘THE’ cryptocurrency. It's the first one that ever made a major splash on the global markets, and it has continued to maintain its dominance over the industry for the last four years.

The influence of Bitcoin on the greater crypto landscape is so great that other coins actually follow the price movements of Bitcoin. If Bitcoin is going through a slump, the prices of coins like Ethereum and XRP are also going to go down.

Likewise, when Bitcoin does well, everyone does well. Just recently, Bitcoin broke its all-time high figure when it pushed up to $30,000, after that, coins like Ethereum also followed suit, gaining massive value in a short period of time.

That's why the team here at Bitcoin Mastery chose to dedicate the platform to Bitcoin. It's the industry leader and the coin that gets talked about the most. Even if a handful of conglomerates decide to use crypto that isn't Bitcoin, Bitcoin is still going to be a leading player on the global stage.

What Makes Bitcoin So Powerful

Earlier on, we referred to Bitcoin as the remedy to the economy's beating heart, and we truly meant that analogy. By design, every single modern economic system on the globe is built to collapse at some point. This is an inevitable aspect of the science as a result of inflation. It's why the value of one dollar decreases every year and why the country sees periodic depressions or recessions.

Inflation is the name given to the phenomenon of a currency becoming worth less and less as time goes on and more of it gets printed. As new bills need to be printed every single year, this is unavoidable. However, Bitcoin just so happens to be inflation-proof. How is it inflation-proof, you ask? Well, one very important aspect of what Bitcoin is, is the fact that it is decentralized.

The Power of Decentralization

When you're dealing with the dollar, there are people in charge of the production of currency. This human element is tied directly to inflation, so if you eliminate the humans, then you eliminate inflation. Bitcoin does that. There is no governing body in charge of Bitcoin. It runs off of a decentralized network of independent computers and nodes. Individual people work keeping these nodes, and thus the network, operational and in return get paid in freshly minted Bitcoin units.

This is the only way that new Bitcoin can be created. It's a slow and time-consuming process that keeps the value of Bitcoin strong as new units are created by balancing out the rate of minting with the value of Bitcoin. On top of that, Bitcoin is also a finite resource. The network is hardcoded to stop producing new units after a certain limit has been reached. This isn't going to happen for another 120 years or so, but it means that Bitcoin functions much more similar to something like gold than it does the euro or dollar.

Therefore, a shift to Bitcoin is like a return to gold, albeit adapted for the digital age. Given that gold is the most stable currency that the human race has ever had, to the point that it serves as a backing for all major modern currencies, this is a very promising development.

Decentralization and Anonymity

While being inflation proof is far in a way the most important aspect of Bitcoin, it isn't the only benefit that the coin has going for it. Having no governing body in charge means that there's no one to look over your shoulder when you're making transactions.

Every single time you buy or sell something with your visa or credit card, the bank, and by extension, the government can access that data. There is no anonymity, and your funds can be frozen or seized at any given time. Keeping your wealth in Bitcoin completely removes that aspect of financials. Every Bitcoin transaction you make is anonymous, private, and secure. The only one that sees where that money is going to or coming from is you.

Bitcoin Mastery’s Dedication to Privacy

At Bitcoin Mastery, we're also fully committed to this notion of privacy and independence. We understand the desire to have full control over your financial wellbeing and investments, so we strive to create an environment that you can thrive in.

All of the transactions and investments that you make through Bitcoin Mastery are completely private and confidential. We make use of state-of-the-art encryption software to make sure that your account and identity is protected at all times. You don't have to worry about any data being sold behind your back or your information going into any database. Everything you do here is secure and encrypted.

Where to Start on Bitcoin Mastery

Investing in Bitcoin for the first time can be a scary experience. It isn't easy to figure out where you should start, and we get that. Every single member of the Bitcoin Mastery team has gone through this at some point in their career, so we understand the fear, anxiety, and excitement that making your first investment can bring about.

That's why we're well equipped to help ease you into the investment game. We've got tips for you to utilize to make sure you're trading safe and maximizing your chances of success. First and foremost, never trade what you can't afford to lose. When we say that, we really mean it. There are plenty of people out there that have lost everything because of a bad investment. It might be tempting to turn a massive profit, but there is nothing more terrifying than watching everything you have go up in smoke in literally the blink of an eye. Moreover, it only takes a second to destroy an empire in the trading game.

No matter how safe you think an investment is, or how profitable it is, don't make it if you don't have that money to spare. If you're living paycheck to paycheck or struggling to make rent, wait until you're in a better financial position before you start investing. As a rule of thumb, you should think of your investment bankroll like this: if you have an amount of money that you could set on fire and it wouldn't impact your quality of life in any major way, then you can invest it. Anything over that, and you're investing too much.

A good price point to start at is around $250. This is the minimum deposit for a lot of Bitcoin trading sites, including Bitcoin Mastery, and it gives you a solid foundation to build off of without investing too much.

Once you have funds available to start trading with, you need to take it slow rather than diving in headfirst. There is a learning curve associated with trading Bitcoin. The more you do it, the better you're going to become at it. Therefore, at the start, don't sit down for hours on end, throwing all your money at your screen.

Instead, spend 10 minutes every evening checking up on your account and updating your trades. As the days and weeks pass, you're going to start noticing trends, and from there, your trading skill is going to grow.

That's when you can start studying and getting serious about trading Bitcoin if that's the route you want to go down.

As far as Bitcoin Mastery is concerned, though, there's no need to pursue a degree in economics to start investing in Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin is a Ticking Clock

While we have just advised you to take your time when you start trading, it's important that you understand that time is of the essence. 2021 is going to be a massive year for Bitcoin, and every day there are new conversations and developments when it comes to Bitcoin being used by the major institutions of the world.

Once the SEC introduces Bitcoin regulation, the value of the coin is going to start going crazy. Your goal should be to have your money invested before that point so that you can ride that wave out. At Bitcoin Mastery, we can enable you to trade safely and efficiently, ensuring that your investments are well in time to take advantage of the coming developments in the Bitcoin space.

Signing up for an account only takes a few minutes, so don't waste any more time. Every second passed is a second or value lost, so make your account and start trading today.

Preparing for the Future with Bitcoin Mastery

Right now, the whole point of investing in Bitcoin, to begin with, is to invest in the future. The future is Bitcoin; that much is clear. It's gold for the digital age, which should tell you everything you need to know about how important it's about to become. Don't worry about starting your investment journey with some profit goal or dreams of Lamborghinis and yachts. Instead, realize that you're giving yourself stable footing for what is about to be a very economically turbulent time for everyone on the ladder, no matter how far up or down you are.

As the dollar starts to lose prominence to Bitcoin, it's going to further depreciate in value. That value is going to be sucked up by Bitcoin like a vacuum. While the dollar may never fully crash to the point of hyperinflation, it's only a matter of time before it becomes secondary to the cryptocurrency world.

Cryptocurrency is safer, faster, and more stable. There are no borders or politics associated with it; it's a currency in the truest sense of the word. Regular currencies like the dollar only have value because of the backing of gold. Bitcoin, on the other hand, has value innately, which is why the future is Bitcoin.

FAQs We Get at Bitcoin Mastery

While we were building Bitcoin Mastery, we got asked a ton of questions from developers, investors, as well as the general public at large. While these questions were varied and diverse, we noticed that there was a trend of common questions that most people had. We've put all of these questions into a quick reference guide down below for you.

How Does Bitcoin Have Value?

A lot of old school investors get confused by this one. They're used to the only things having value being physical in nature. You can't put a Bitcoin in your wallet like you can a dollar or coin.

Well, Bitcoin holds value in a similar way to how software does. It's code, bits that are unique to each unit of Bitcoin that gives it that value.

Bitcoin has value the same way programs like Photoshop have value for both the code involved with the product and the utility of that product.

My Bitcoin Can Be Compromised?

Technically, yes, but it's unlikely. So long as you aren't keeping your Bitcoin stored on a brokerage site, your coins are going to be safe.

The reason that cold wallets are still popular despite the top tier security that hot wallets have, however, is because these wallets are still always connected to the internet. So long as there is a connection, there is always some threat.

When people are dealing with tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions, that's not a risk they're willing to take.

What Happened in 2017

2017 was the year that the market caught on fire. It's the year that people began to notice Bitcoin, and as a result, it skyrocketed in value.

2017 gets touted a lot by the Bitcoin community in reference to just how much promise the coin actually has. It rose by seemingly unrealistic numbers overnight and didn't show any signs of stopping.

How Do I Store Bitcoin?

As a result of Bitcoin not being physical, you're going to need an alternative method of storing it. For this, you have two distinct options.

The first is a hot wallet. This can be your phone or your computer. Hot wallets are programs that allow you to house your cryptocurrency on them. You maintain a constant connection to the internet and can move your money around with ease.

The second is a cold wallet. These are specific devices that you have to buy online, like a Ledger Nano, that are built to keep your Bitcoin safe offline. These devices aren't as easy to use as hot wallets, but there's no way for them ever to be compromised.

Who Invented Bitcoin?

We don't actually know who invented Bitcoin. It popped up on the market back in 2009 from an anonymous source known as Satoshi Nakamoto. We don't know who this Nakamoto is, where they are, or even if it's an individual or a group.

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